Monday, March 06, 2006

Hoover's Gold to screen on SBS TV on Thursday 27 July, 2006 @ 8.30pm

Hoover's Gold (Mago Films, 2005) is scheduled to be screened in Australia on SBS Television on Thursday 27th July at 8.30pm. The broadcast will coincide with the release of the Hoover's Gold DVD through ABC Enterprises. The extended DVD features a menu of additional material, including interviews and dramatised reconstructions not included in the 52-minute film.

Hoover’s Gold was officially launched by US Consul General, Robin K. McClellan, at Government House Ballroom (Perth, Western Australia) on 15 November 2005. Shortly afterwards, it enjoyed a brief theatrical season at Perth’s Cinema Paradiso, with capacity houses leading to additional screenings.

Members of the production team have received many emails and letters from those who viewed Hoover’s Gold at its official launch or during its season at Cinema Paradiso. Here is a small selection of the comments we’ve received:

“ . . . an excellent documentary film that brings to life one of the most dramatic and little known periods of the life of the 31st president of the United States . . . based on solid research . . . wonderful vignettes . . . history comes alive in Hoover's Gold.”

“We loved it and are very pleased you decided to take the chance and cover this important aspect of WA’s Goldfields history.”

“The film was fantastic and even more spectacular on the big screen. The photography was wonderful and the film is a credit to you all. Blending the stories of Hoover, the goldfields and Italian migration was skilfully done and the film truly deserves success.”

“Congratulations to all involved in Hoover's Gold. It is a fine documentary balanced between the informative, the revealing and human interest . . .”

“ . . . Hoover’s Gold cleverly tells the parallel stories of the young Hoover and the Italian workers he championed and includes contemporary members of the families intimately (and at times tragically) associated with the Sons of Gwalia . . . [and] whose reminiscences add immeasurably to this excellent WA story . . .”

If you'd like to see the ABC website on Hoover's Gold, which has both a flyer and a video clip,
please go to:

And for the official study guide (with lots of great pics) go to:

and just click on the title Hoover's Gold.


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